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Designed for young people aged 16-24, Training for Success gives them the skills necessary to progress in the workplace. Read Me

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Get Employed

Leaving school? Now what? This is your chance to get the tools you need to get a job or get ahead in your career.

If you're aged 16-24, Training for Success is the place to start. The training is designed around you - your skill levels, your interests and your aims. Whether you need to develop the skills to find work, or want more training to turn a job into a career, Training for Success can help.

Training for Success offers many opportunities to get the skills employers are looking for. It gives you a flexible way of working with employers and Training Organisations to ensure you get quality training. If you're already in work, Training for Success can help you get the qualifications you'll need to get ahead.

It costs you nothing. In fact, you could earn while you train!

Plan your own training

Training for Success lets you enter at the level that matches your needs, allowing you to progress from there. So you may be starting with the basics. However, as you learn skills and get into work, you can move to higher levels.

How it works

When you contact Training for Success, we'll refer you to a Careers Advisor who will help you decide the right training and the best provider in your area to meet your needs and ambitions.

Once you are matched to a Training Organisation, they will help you to develop your individual goals and your Personal Training Plan.

Training for Success - The First Steps
Just Starting Out?

Training for Success is all about giving you the tools and the confidence so you can get ready to find work. It focuses on the extra learning you need, even one-to-one. It is flexible - you can take as long as you need. Once you gain recognised basic skills and qualifications, you're ready to move into the next level of Training for Success

Some examples of Training for Success training

  • Searching for work
  • Building confidence
  • Interview skills
  • Feeling motivated
  • Health and Safety
  • Basic First Aid
  • ICT
  • Life and Work skills
  • Basic Food Hygiene

Placements and job tasters give you the chance to experience different workplaces and to find out what sort of work and training looks good to you.

The next level - Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships work in two ways: helping you find a career that will interest you; then giving you the skills you need to look for, find and keep a job in that career.

As an apprentice you'll be with an employer from day one and you will be in paid employment in areas such as Information Technology, Engineering, Catering, Construction, Agriculture, Hairdressing, Joinery, Plumbing and much more. You will also follow a training framework designed to help you get training and qualifications that employers want.

Found an employer who is offering you training while you work?

Then talk to us! Our Apprenticeship-based training works with both employers and training organisations to ensure that you'll be getting first rate training in your workplace. Build skills and earn a wage, right from day one.

Even better, we'll cover the cost of your training for the duration of your apprenticeship. And if you complete it, you'll have formal qualifications employers recognise.

Start earning now

When you join Training for Success you will receive a weekly allowance of £40. Contributions towards travelling, lodgings and/or childcare costs may also be paid. Apprentices will be in paid employment from day one.